If you’d like to feel more peace and calm. If you’d like to have more understanding about what’s going on in your life, why, and how to influence its direction. If you’d like to learn techniques to have more control over your life, emotions, and happiness. If you’re on a spiritual path and need some support … please reach out.

Read about options for services below or visit my Etsy shop Beyoutifulspirit to make a purchase.


Service 1

45-min. session

Coaching, Intuitive Readings, and Energy Sessions are all available in different intervals of time. If you’re curious and want to try a session, if you’re short on time, or you just feel 45-min is what you need, this session may be just right for you.

$75 for 45 mins.

Service 2

60-min. session

The 60 minute or one hour Energy Session, Coaching, or Intuitive Reading is perfect for someone who receives energy, coaching, or intuitive readings on a regular basis.

$100 for 60 mins.

Service 3

90-min. session

If you feel like you’re going through some “bigger” right now, if you have never had an Energy Session, Coaching, or an Intuitive Reading before, if you feel you just need a little extra support or TLC right now … the 90-min. session may be perfect for you.

$150 for 90 mins.

Service 4

3 45-min. sessions

This package could be a great option with a discount, if you anticipate you’ll want multiple sessions. The package is prepaid, and you can schedule sessions as you choose.

$150 for 3 45-mins.

Visit my shop beyoutifulspirit on Etsy for the newest additional services, and to make a purchase.