Here are answers to a few of the typical questions about sessions.


Q: What can I expect in a typical in-person energy therapy session?

A: In a typical session, I’ll combine techniques and knowledge from Reiki, IET, chakra balancing, intuitive guidance, and medical intuition. You’ll arrive for your appointment, and after I greet you at the door, we’ll move to the front room in my house which has been specifically designated as a healing space since 2010.  I’ll offer you some organic herbal tea or alkaline water while you start to relax and get acclimated in the room, and then we’ll sit for a few minutes and talk about what might be bothering you and if you have any specific goals for the session.

We might talk about if there’s something specific weighing on your mind, or maybe there’s a specific ailment, pain, or area that’s hurting you, or perhaps your goal for the session is simply relaxation and rejuvenation. Then, after we have talked for a few minutes and you feel ready to begin the session, I will turn on some light music and invite you to lay back on the massage table with a pillow, soft blanket and lavender eye pillow if you like, and we’ll begin your session.

The massage table is very stable and holds everyone comfortably (up to 2,000 lbs). It is then covered with a large Amethyst BioMat, a thick, plush fleece and, finally, very soft all-organic massage sheets. The professional-sized BioMat offers very nurturing warmth as well as negative ions and far infrared rays, which reduce stress and tension and elevate your mood.

Oftentimes, my hands get very warm during a session, and I typically place them on your body gently, over your clothes and the blanket, along the chakra points of the body. Clients often feel very, very relaxed during a session, their mind may wander, or they may even fall asleep. All is OK. There is no judgment in the space, and all that happens is for your healing. Sometimes during a session, I might receive impressions for you; I may see some words that mean something for you, or “feel” some colors, or very often, some additional healing “helpers” are present – if this happens during your session, I will mention it.

Once we arrive at the conclusion of the session, I’ll re-ground you, and then let you take some time to re-acquaint yourself, sip some more tea if you like, and we can chat for a few minutes about what transpired if you like. Oftentimes, clients feel very, very relaxed and clearer about life at the end of a session.


Q: How does a remote healing session work?

A: Remote healing sessions can be arranged for us to connect by phone or Skype, or often a client and I can designate a particular day and time when I will conduct the session but we need not be in contact.  Since through the laws of quantum physics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it is not necessary that I physically be in contact with a client for them to receive the energy transmission.  For these sessions, I send a written report to the client afterwards detailing what was done during the session, anything that was revealed during the session, and any recommendations.  Oftentimes, clients tell me they feel very excited, or relaxed when I am sending the energy.  It is not recommended that you be driving during a session.


Q: What should I expect to feel during a healing session?

A: It depends. Clients often feel my hands get very warm, and sometimes they might feel tingling, relaxation or get sleepy, and sometimes they start to cry or laugh.  Sometimes they see impressions or colors.  And sometimes they feel nothing, and that is O.K., too.  The healing works regardless. 🙂


Q: What if I’m a crier? You know,… very sensitive?

A:Whether we are doing a coaching session or an energy therapy session, crying is acceptable and welcomed!  We have tissues, and you would not be the first to cry during a session 🙂  It’s a release of energy, and it’s a healing, and it’s perfect, exactly what your body, mind and soul are calling for.  I am also highly, highly sensitive, and oftentimes tear up during a session – at the beauty of the energies that present themselves, and at the sheer honor of supporting a client as they process their healing journey.