I’m pleased to be able to support clients in-person, and remotely.  Remote sessions can be held at a designated time for the client, with a written report sent to them after the session, or by phone, Skype or Facetime.  Each session is designed to meet my client’s specific needs, using a combination of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Intuitive Guidance, medical intuition, and additional modalities I’ve studied including vibrational and sound therapy, crystal and color therapy, chakra balancing, Holistic and Assertiveness Coaching, and sacred science.  Clients relax in soft lighting, and laying under soft organic sheets on the therapeutic table which is layered with the BIo-Mat and Bio-Acoustic Mat,  accompanied by a chakra crystal layout, essential-oil diffusion, and chakra balancing frequencies.

Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction and healing technique that was introduced to the United States in the 1930’s, which supports healing by flooding the body and energy field with positive, supporting energy, allowing negative or denser energy and blockages to be transformed or released, and thus opening and clearing the energetic pathways to allow the life force affecting body, mind and spirit to flow in a healthful and natural way. The goal is to encourage the body to heal itself, and to let go of resistance to healing.

Integrated Energy Therapy® works with the healing energy of the Angels and the Violet Ray on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of an individual to clear cellular memory of traumas, fears, challenges and blockages. Similar to Reiki, IET is also a very gentle hands-on technique, and is often found by clients to be extremely relaxing and invigorating.  This therapy can help clients uncover and release blocks to finding and expanding into their truest and most beautiful soul essence and life purpose.

Healing the mind and soul often go hand-in-hand with healing the body. Every service I offer through Be-YouTiful is designed to help you feel healthy, empowered, at peace, and to obtain the clarity of mind needed to identify and tackle the problems in life.

The most common reactions to sessions are a sense of complete relaxation, rejuvenation, clarity and sense of empowerment. I have helped those dealing with worry, depression, anxiety, life transitions, difficult health challenges, and general concerns over life.