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As an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor and a Reiki Master-Teacher, I’ve also had the pleasure to study many adjunct therapeutic modalities since 2003, including: sound and vibration therapy, color therapy, Quantum Touch, crystal therapy, Assertiveness and Holistic Coaching, sacred science, Intuitive Communication, and vitamin/Bach Flower Essences/essential oil therapies.

Highly attuned to the Angelic- and Fairy-realm frequencies, I often find the Angels and Ascended Masters working through me in my own healing, and in my healing work with patients and clients. Additionally, often such beautiful therapeutic helper energies assist in sessions: the elementals, the Descendants, the Ancestors, the Ancient Ones, the loving devas of the nature kingdom, the four directions, and deceased loved ones who attend in loving assistance.

One of my core beliefs has always been that who we are is a perfect design by the Divine Creator, so needed in the world, and so often blocked by past obstacles, ill health, or pains, that it is difficult for us to feel health or joy, or for the soul to express.  And yet, who we authentically are is so critical to the world, to the universe, and to our own health and happiness.  When we give ourselves permission to release that which no longer serves us at the body, mind and spirit level, the soul is expressed, and our health, wellness, joy and peace naturally present themselves and improve.

I’m pleased to share that I was recently interviewed by Podcast Business News Network for a short segment about me, my practice, and how I approach what I do.  Listen to the 7-minute interview on tunin.com here or by clicking the play button below.